Columbia College Essay

The same emotions, conflicts, and aspirations are inside each of us.

Human life and interaction is moving and changing around us constantly.

By telling a story through my pictures and by capturing emotions and truth in an image, I like to send people a message.

I strive to show them reality in thought-provoking ways.

When you apply, you’ll be required to submit official transcripts indicating a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of at least 2.50 on your high school transcript or a transcript from a prior college you’ve attended.

You’ll also submit a 500 word Personal Essay describing your creative and career goals and two Letters of Recommendation from teachers, educators, or individuals who know you well and are not family members.Prompt: Improvements in consumer-grade technology and its relative affordability have provided opportunities for students to create and distribute their art, their films, their writing, and their music in a way previously unavailable.With so much ready access to the technology tools that help produce and distribute these creative works, and with so much work being produced and distributed “out there” (some of it not very good, by the way), how will you make your work stand out? Have you already begun to explore your concepts through your work?Through the viewfinder, I saw beyond the surface of the image.It becomes a mix of chemicals and pigments spread on cloth, an empty statement or idea to which no one can connect.Through my watercolor and ink collages, I endeavor to depict these concepts from unique vantage points.Just as a photographer can see the world in different ways through a viewfinder, I want my artwork to make people think about life in new ways. Columbia would not only provide me with the tools I need to further create, but also offer an ideal environment for insight and creativity.In one of my recent projects, I explored the concept of time, the force that drives humanity.I have also created projects based on urban life, the human spirit, and social interaction.Can able toward enjoy huge savings with highly affordable and only outstanding papers from essay writing service companionship.They were produce high quality writing works and can always use these writing services with jam-packed confidence.


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