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Despite the long history of research, the understanding of how to move the human body effectively through the water is still in its infancy.Competitive swimmers and their coaches of all levels are constantly striving for ways to improve their stroke technique and overall performance.- I learn swimming at the age of 23 I remember going in the water for the first time it was in one of the beaches in NH I cannot remember really well.

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Once I turned seven years old, I started swimming with the older kids, which were technically categorized as the faster kids.

My coaches wanted me to swim with the older group, which consisted with junior high, and high school aged kids because swimming with my age group bracket was no longer challenging.

Since the nineteenth century, swimmers have turned to a supervised area for a safer environment.

When learning to swim in North America, younger kids are usually taught “freestyle” or the crawl, while breaststroke is taught in Europe and Asia (MLA 7th Edition).

One of the most severe injuries that can occur is that of a spinal injury....

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[tags: Swimming Coaches Risk Management Essays] - Competitive swimming is a sport full of juxtaposing ideologies and personal struggle with little camaraderie.

Competitive swimming got its start as early as 36 B.

C., but North American swimming has its roots in the British National Swimming Association.

The divergent sport is always evolving and pitting individuals alone against one another in a foreign environment.

Likewise corporate employees day in and day out work alone building their nest egg until the day they can succeed and come out on top or retire.


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