Coke And Pepsi In Issues Ethics And Crisis Management Case Study

Coke And Pepsi In Issues Ethics And Crisis Management Case Study-3
In keeping concentration on the marketing strategy undertaken by Coca Cola, it is seen that the company has been promoting the world famous brands like Fanta, Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite ( Such of these marketing strategies have been influencing the strengthened customer relationship aspects, which are the keys to get the business opportunities for the company.The establishment of such effective customer relationship is therefore serving as the major driving force for acquiring the customer base.Ethical dilemma is a common trait found in the business organization and this has the clear linkage with moral dilemmas.

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According to Van Auken (2016), the ethical dilemmas lead the human being to undertake the wrong decisions due to the difficulties.

More specifically, the ethical dilemma arises when a person has to differentiate between the moral and the immoral act.

The issue became hazardous when the managers remained unresponsive towards the questions of the media ( However, when they completed the entire research and found the root cause of such problem, they decided to announce it publically.

However, the time was too late to be broadcasted, as media found it too slow to make any story about Coca Cola.

However, it is to be stated that due to the direct competition with Pepsi, Coca Cola has been concentrating on the innovative organizational practices to ensure the sustainability in this market.

Therefore, it is seen that the company is getting involved with several unethical business practices that are harmful for the business.

Due to such ethical and legal issues the stock price of the company remains the same what it used to be few years back.

One of the most critical ethical issues was found when many of the people fell ill after drinking Coke and other soft drinks of Coca Cola.

Coca Cola has been capturing the largest position in the beverage market with the largest distribution system all over the world.

This position is allowing the company to serve almost one billion products to the customers worldwide and introducing new flavors as well as promoting other brands.


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