Citations And Honor And Essay

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A late paper, even with a lower grade, is still better than dealing with the consequences of plagiarism.

Your instructor doesn’t expect you to sound like a published scholar, and neither should you.

Many of these tools allow you to take notes, link to resources and files, and automatically generate bibliographies.

You may feel more pressure to rely too heavily on other sources if you wait until the last minute to write your paper.

Published scholarly work is usually produced by academics with years of writing experience and research expertise in their field.

Their articles and books have been through multiple drafts, revised, and edited by professionals. If you need to use someone else’s words, just quote and cite them. Need help figuring out if your paraphrase is too close to the original quote?Class Discussions: give credit for the ideas of someone else raised in a class discussion. It's not always easy to know what will be considered common knowledge. You should cite according to the citation style (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA) recommended by your instructor or common to your field.Your Own Paper: cite from your own work just as you would from published sources. You might think of common knowledge as information that can be found in a reputable general encyclopedia. : use an in-text citation immediately following the quote, summary, or paraphrase.We might worry that if we cite too often, it may seem like we don’t have any ideas of our own.In actuality, a paper using citations correctly proves we’ve done enough research to make credible arguments.Establish Your Credibility The more you know about your topic, the more credible your arguments become.By citing your sources, you prove that you have researched existing information and multiple viewpoints.(Example: that Shakespeare was a Renaissance playwright is well known and generally accepted. However, the theory that Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford was the real writer of Hamlet would be in dispute and require a citation.) When in doubt, provide a citation.Websites: cite from websites just as you would from print sources. You should cite both within your paper and at the end of your paper.When everyone uses the same format, it makes it easier to understand citations accurately.Different academic fields use different styles, so ask your instructor which one you should use.


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