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Since 1963, Gallup has continued to ask Americans whether they believe in the “lone gunman” theory or in a criminal conspiracy, and has consistently found that a majority believes it was a criminal conspiracy. By December 1976 it spiked to 81 percent.) The polls also show there has never been consensus as to who other than Oswald may have been involved.

It’s not like JFK conspiracy theories haven’t been thoroughly debunked.

Belief in a criminal conspiracy took hold within days of the assassination.

A Gallup poll taken the week of the assassination found that 52 percent of Americans already believed that the man who shot Kennedy didn’t act on his own and that others were involved.

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The Conversation is funded by the National Research Foundation, eight universities, including the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Rhodes University, Stellenbosch University and the Universities of Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Pretoria, and South Africa.Over 1,000 books have been written, from “Crossfire” and “On the Trail of Assassins” to “They Killed Our President” and “CIA Rogues and the Killing of the Kennedys.” It’s estimated that 95 percent of these books are pro-conspiracy and reject the Warren Commission conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President Kennedy.Most point out discrepancies and unanswered questions.Gerald Posner’s 1993 book “Case Closed” effectively refutes all the major conspiracy theories.Vincent Bugliosi’s “Reclaiming History” (2007) – a more in-depth version of “Case Closed” – fastidiously explains the evidence establishing Oswald’s guilt and that he acted alone.Even so, it doesn’t mean there aren’t any lessons to be learned from the assassination.Perhaps it’s time for a different conversation about the Kennedy assassination – not one about who pulled the trigger, but about the lasting legacy of an unresolved event, and how it’s influenced what Americans do (and don’t) believe in today. 28, President Trump tweeted that he was going to release all the remaining JFK files in order to “put any and all conspiracies to rest.” Good luck, Mr. The journalists, conspiracy theorists and scholars who have sorted through the 31,334 documents disclosed this year by the National Archives didn’t find anything that changes our previous understanding of the assassination or the events surrounding it.That was were he encountered Officer Marion Baker and Roy Truly, the officers were Lee Harvey Oswald’s supervisors which identifyed Oswald as an employee and let him pass.Officer Baker saw Lee Harvey Oswald drinking a soda and didn’t seem to be out of breath or look nervous; after he drank his soda he walked down the stairs and left the building through the front entrance, just before the police sealed off the building.When he got inside his housekeeper Earlene Roberts said “he was walking really fast he was all but running,” (Wikipedia, Lee Harvey Oswald) Oswald hen went into his room and came out wearing a jacket.Earlene Roberts last saw him, as he was standing across the street at a bus stop. D Tippit encountered Oswald in a residential street in Oak Cliff a residential street. D Tippit talked to Oswald through the passenger side window then got out of his car, Oswald then shot him four times and fled with a revolver in his hand.


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