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China History Essay Questions-17
What brought about the massive demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in the spring and summer of 1989? How did the 1989 demonstrations differ from other demonstrations in China's history? Numerous first-person accounts have been produced in English of life in Mao's China (particularly during the Cultural Revolution).Read and compare two or more of these accounts, and analyze the differences in background, outlook, and experience of the authors. Brandishing little red books of Quotations of Chairman Mao, the uniformed Red Guards broke into and ransacked the houses of intellectuals and officials, denouncing them and parading them through the streets with dunce caps on their heads.

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What circumstances affected the way in which the events of the Cultural Revolution affected the different authors?

Assess the ongoing efforts in the People's Republic of China to come to terms with the legacy of Mao Zedong.

The picture is also on top of the man head, which shows that the man respects Mao, and worships him as a beloved leader. Middle This movement was in fact a prelude to the Cultural Revolution, which was aimed, among other objectives, at purging Liu Shaoqi.

The Cultural Revolution was initiated by Mao as an ideological struggle in art and academic circles in 1966, throwing the entire nation into a fury of chaos and destruction that did not end until Mao's death in 1976.

Introduction Bangkok Patana School IGCSE History Coursework Arisara Kohphet History coursework assignment A: China 1945-90 1. What do you think was the purpose of the newspaper in publishing the description?

Use the source and your knowledge of the period to explain your answer.

How have changing conditions since Mao's death led to the need for the ruling party to reinterpret his contribution?

What aspects of his legacy seem more open to revision than others, and why?

People are convinced by these ideas of Mao thorough propaganda. Study source B What impression is the artist trying to give of the Cultural Revolution? Artists during Mao's times were expected to promote government propaganda.

The artist's intention was the give the impression of a joy and wonderful event.


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