Causes Of Homelessness In The United States Essay

Causes Of Homelessness In The United States Essay-32
Surveys conducted over the past two decades have demonstrated that homeless Americans are exceptionally diverse and include representatives from all segments of society the old and the young; men and women; single people and families; city dwellers and rural residents; whites and people of color; and able-bodied workers and people with serious health problems. Veterans, who are among the most honored citizens in our society, appear in substantial numbers among the homeless, as do former criminal offenders and illegal immigrants.

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In this view, the interests of the would-be people and the homeless must be compared with the interests of the larger community. Having difficulties with choosing your research topic?

Virtue theory addresses the shortcomings of each theory of distributive justice by insisting that in any given case we must distribute public health services in a way that is neither deficient nor excessive. The deadlines are pressing and you have no time to handle all your academic assignments?

Distributive justice looks at the division of goods or services. American government offers public health services, using public funds.

If, the government uses its own recourses, to provide the services who has a right to some or all of this public health services or, what is the most just distribution of this public health services. There are three basic theories of distributive justice: libertarianism, utilitarianism, and egalitarianism.

” or “Let him spend the rest of life in prison so he can reflect on what he’s done wrong!

” The virtue theorist who defends capital punishment must show how it can be just, temperate, courageous, and prudent. Homelessness in America is a persistent, complex, and widely-occurring problem that incorporates many economic, social, and psychological dimensions.After years of war and economic decline, the ranks of the homelessness have grown to include families with children (35%), military veterans (23%), children (25%), persons fleeing domestic violence (30%), and the mentally ill (20-25%) (National Student Campaign, 2012).This appears to be a difficult but not impossible task. Homeless Families and the Housing Crisis in the United States. Still others insist on greater individual responsibility and more respect for the needs of business, reinforced by aggressive criminal justice responses. If one homeless person is sick and all other eligible recipients are ok, then it would be intemperate of these others to demand public health services equal to the person. Down and Out in America: The Origins of Homelessness. Get help from experienced and well-trained writers holding a college or a Ph D degree!If in seeking out others to receive public health services, the government must engage in a life-threatening quest with no guarantee that the public health services will be edible by it finds a recipient, then it would be imprudent of the government to set out on such a quest. It would be more prudent for the government to provide the services to its own staffs. We also offer proofreading and essay writing service. Note the overlap here of social justice (public satisfaction) and criminal justice (crime prevention), and of moral justice (consequences) and legal justice (restitution). Some theorists have suggested alternatives to retributive justice, including restorative justice and transformative justice. In this paper will examine a broad range of private and public responses (e.g., laws, policies, programs, and individual behaviors) to the problem of homelessness in America and examine responses in depth from the perspectives of virtue ethics and distributive, commutative, and retributive justice, evaluating competing and conflicting views about the appropriateness of private and public responses to the problem of homelessness and present a balanced conclusion about the justness of each response.Following Aristotle’s lead, we should distinguish among distributive justice, com-mutative justice, and retributive justice.


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