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Within a 5-year period, he experienced additional psychotic episodes and was hospitalized six times.Daniel began also to develop tardive cyskinesia and was placed on risperidone and venlafaxine, as well as valproic acid and trazadone.He was placed in an inpatient unit and was prescribed haloperidol and benztropine mesylate along with lorazepam on an as needed basis.

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Role of Case Managers in Managing Patients with Schizophrenia The increased complexity of the management of care for patients with schizophrenia and barriers to treatment adherence necessitate that case managers be actively involved in all aspects of patient care.Case managers can educate patients with regard to symptom management, relapse prevention, and the importance of treatment adherence.Additionally, case managers play an essential role as health care coordinators; ensuring patients receive the comprehensive, multidisciplinary care that is required to improve outcomes.It was also common for him to have paranoid and suspicious thoughts, especially towards those in authority at school, his parents and even his friends.He began to engage in substance abuse behavior around the age of 15 years, including the use of alcohol, marijuana and cocaine.His hallucinations subsided and he was less paranoid and aggressive.After 3 weeks of hospitalization, he was discharged to a community mental health setting as well as an outpatient group home.He was detached from his parents and did not have any close friends.He would often leave home and sleep in the streets for several nights at a time.Daniel has now been stabilized for 4 years on various medications and management from community mental health and group home settings.He continues to have some periods of poor functioning with small interventions that require visits to the emergency room and engages periodically in drug and alcohol abuse.


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