Canadian Student Essay Competition

Canadian Student Essay Competition-34
You will receive a copy of written comments from each reviewer on the strengths and areas for improvement noted in your essay. Articles may be on any topic related to the field of family law.

Use the format outlined in the “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals.” You can find a copy of this document at the Medical Writing Centre on the Canadian Medical Association web-site:

This is also the format of references used by the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The guidelines the reviewers use in marking the essays is attached.

The CAPM&R will accept submissions in either French or English.

However, in order to meet the guidelines for publication in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, authors are required to submit an English translation of the accompanying abstract by July 31.

Non-winning contest submissions are not automatically accepted for poster presentation at the conference.

Separate abstract submissions are required to be considered for poster presentation.Do not include tables in the body of the manuscript.Number references consecutively in the order which they are first mentioned in the text of the manuscript.Do not include figures in the body of the manuscript. Tables should be cited in numeric sequence in the text.Tables should be presented at the end of the manuscript, following the references and figures.However, the allowable word count will be reduced by 400 words for each table or figure included.For example the allowable word count for a manuscript with two figures will be 3200 words.The submission will be graded according to content, originality, thoroughness of the literature review, style and organization.The essay should not exceed 4,000 words and will be accepted in either of Canada's official languages. An abstract of the winning essay will be posted on the CAPM&R website and published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.Figures are to be cited in numeric sequence in the text.Figures are to be presented in the manuscript following the references.


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