Canadian Essay Competitions

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The Foundation describes its goal as to “Work towards balancing human needs with the Earth’s ability to sustain all life.

Our goal is to find and communicate practical ways to achieve that balance”.

Sure, it’s “safer” to take the usual angle to a topic if you’re confident you can do it well.

But once you think about all the other people who took a similar one, it doesn’t seem like such a safe bet after all. Another important tip is to stay away from cliched phrases or anything that sounds overused and stale.

The mission of the foundation is to “protect nature’s diversity and the well-being of all life, now and for the future” and their vision is that “we all act every day on the understanding that we are one with nature.” At the time of entry each entrant must indicate on their entry form into which of the two categories below he or she best fits: Category 1: French Second Language (“FSL”): students whose first language is not French or students who are currently enrolled in Core French, Extended Core French, Basic French, French Immersion, or any other version or type of FSL program, available in their province or territory of residence, and who do not match any of the French First Language criteria.

Category 2: French First Language (“FFL”): students who satisfy one or more of the following criteria: – whose first language is French;– who speak, write and comprehend French with native fluency;– who regularly speak French at home with one or both parents.– who attend or have attended a French First Language school for more than 3 years within the past 6 years.If you’re a teen, there’s a special category of teen writing contests just for you. Good luck everyone, and be sure to read our tips on how to win below!For everybody else, there’s a variety of other ways to test your writing skills, from essay contests to short story contests. “The first sentence sets the tone for the entire piece.” You may have heard similar advice many times before, but it really does hold true of trying to produce a memorable piece of writing.The golden handful that are read properly are the submissions that capture the reader from the very beginning.Of course, your writing should be captivating from the first word to the last, but especially in the case of a writing contest, it should be one of your top priorities to ensure that the judges give your piece the consideration it deserves.A judge is far more likely to remember your piece of writing if it prompted them to feel, think, or even reflect or question their own views.Unless the competition calls for it, try not to make your writing too specific to yourself.It is important that you do not have any plot holes, as this will throw out the whole balance of your story.Your characters should consistently reflect the personality and behavioral characteristics you attached to them in all their actions and dialogue.Think about this: Hundreds or thousands of other people are likely to apply for the same competition as you. Whether it be a different perspective, an innovative idea or perhaps a controversial topic, your submission should be memorable.This means your goal should be to make your submission stand out. Try to consider the given topic from a number of angles.


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