Can You Plagiarize College Essays

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But when you begin to allow your helpers to sit at the computer and type for you, a red flag should arise in your mind.

When an editing session reaches that level of involvement, it has usually gone too far. An Ethical Approach Before we ever launch into a discussion of the very real repercussions that can come of plagiarism, we think it’s important to discuss the ethical argument against plagiarism.

A college application essay is an important undertaking in the college application process.

Begin early writing the essay and ask for help if needed. After all, the essay is about you and what makes you special. Getting the education you want at the college or university of your choice may rest on the content of your application essay.

Ultimately, you should want to end up at an institution where you are accepted on your own merit—these are the institutions that can best service you, your work ethic, and your specific set of strengths and weaknesses, and you need to apply honestly.

What’s more, you put yourself at a disadvantage by hiring someone else to write your personal statement for you, since the ultimate goal of the essay is to share intimate information about your personality—something you can do better than anyone else.What’s more, there really is no “fine line” between getting help and plagiarizing—if you are cheating, you will know.It is certainly okay and even encouraged for students to seek advice and feedback from teachers, parents, and guardians.However, if you are caught using their services, it is you, not them, who will suffer through the negative repercussions.Another form of plagiarism involves copying-and-pasting sentences or entire paragraphs you did not author into the Common App.The only person who can get you into the best school is—you guessed it—you.If you wind up being placed at a college based on work that isn’t your own, it could certainly come back to bite you later.College applications present you with many opportunities to voice your opinions—in the personal statement, through supplemental essays, or at an interview—and college admissions committees are particularly attuned to your voice throughout the process; this is because, ultimately, adcoms are trying to arrive at an admissions decision based upon your personality and mode of thinking.If you present a certain way in your interview and Common App but sound different in your personal statement, it will raise a red flag.Often, when students allow parents or tutors to revise their personal statement with too heavy a hand, the idiosyncrasies of the student are erased. The Practical Approach We’ll start off by saying that it is usually fairly transparent when a student hasn’t written his or her personal statement.If the voice of your personal essay sounds inconsistent with that of other sections of your application, an adcom might notice and investigate further.


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