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In fact, any time Apple finds credible evidence of ratings fraud or manipulation, it can and “often” does take action to remove the ratings associated with that activity.

How exactly Apple hears of this fraudulent activity in the first place, however, will vary.

Once a reported problem is fixed, you can mull over the possibility of asking customers for App Store rating and review score update; it’s better to start with the lowest star i OS App Store rating scores and reviews which contain technical problems of the latest version of your i Pad or i Phone app.

A major release of an i OS app is the most vital time for addressing Apple App Store ratings and release notes should include updates on technical issues mentioned in negative Apple App Store reviews.

Apple’s Terms and Conditions have certain restrictions concerning App Store app reviews.

It forbids using foul language, exposing personal data, and spamming within a response.Because of this, some — okay, many — developers manipulate their apps’ positions by posting fake ratings and reviews. Any brief, glowing, five-star review is immediately suspect. There was some discussion of this on a forum back in May, when a handful of developers noticed that a good chunk of their reviews went missing.None admitted to having bought reviews, however, which is sadly a common practice now.Instead, what happened was Apple step in to remove this app’s ratings due to attempts by the developer to game the system.What’s more, this is not the first time the company has done this, we now understand.That was not the case here; the app was always live, but the ratings just disappeared.Another explanation is that this was a bug, but that’s also not the case here, from what we’ve learned.App developers know that having good ratings and reviews means more users will be wiling to download their app.And thanks to ratings’ influence on Apple’s ranking algorithms, it will help their app be better discovered via the App Store’s Top Charts as well. For some period of time — it’s unclear exactly how long — Apple has been removing fake reviews from the App Store that have unjustly helped certain apps climb higher in the charts than they would have otherwise.The app, at the time we looked at it, had a few thousand ratings.But before the change, there were well over 20,000 ratings.


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