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But if you’d prefer to skip the spreadsheets in favour of a more “writer-friendly” planning process – because deep down you know you could use a bit more direction to move your writing career to the next level – you’re in luck!

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Make sure that your branding is relevant to the audience you seek, distinct and meaningful. The goal here is to answer the question in your reader’s mind, “Why you? What sets your work apart from others in your genre or niche? Describe your target audience (demographics, psychographics), and how you can help meet the needs, wants and desires of that specific group.

Many people do not even think of goals, and of those that do, very few right them down. Often writers make the mistake of working on their projects in a vacuum–with no feedback, input or even acknowledgment of the reader.

Started partnership with CAMEO to host meetups for military-connected women.

Hosted workshop in Boston for veterans and exhibited at the AWBC conference in Wisconsin.

What do you want people to feel or experience when they read your book, a post on your blog, or see you speak at an event?

What tone, colours and visuals characterize your writing, and how does your branding reflect the purpose or message behind your work?

Received award along with Congresswomen Maxine Waters at the RISE Financial Pathways luncheon for me work with veterans.

There is still a lot to do to make it easier for military families to pursue economic independence.

We’ll be digging deeper into this in a later section of the business plan, so the information you gather will help to create a succinct description of your ideal reader here.

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