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The writing real estate that your resume provides should be well utilized to communicate your authentic and consistent message.The first step is to think of yourself as a start-up or business venture, rather than another employee in the bunch, and charge your resume with an inspiring vision. And early sales are the best way to measure a startup’s progress.

When writing this message think about your target audience (whom are you speaking to?

) as well as your marketing plan (how do you want to promote yourself?

Use the executive summary perspective to include your participation in initiatives and projects, and the results you helped generate.

This is similar to the section above, however in this case you assign projects to individual positions and highlight results. The business plan sections below will help you gather and create value that attracts and connects you with your industry; peers, colleagues and influencers. You must showcase knowledge of your field or the industry you want to grow you career toward.

Young professionals, with an entrepreneurial mindset, like us, should take advantage of traditional business management tools as tactics in our career planning strategy.

I believe professionals should start implementing a “business management” framework to assess their career goals and define objectives with one clear end in mind: a tailored resume that highlights your top talent potential.

This will prepare you for an interview or presentation. Gabriela Gotay, founder of, a blog for millennial professionals looking to expand their careers and talents, generating self-empowerment by implementing entrepreneurial perspective.

It would also help you decide if the field is the right fit and what you may want to contribute. She has over five years of experience as a HR Manager, Training and Organizational Development Coordinator. References: Business Plan Structure found @on 03/06/14.

Also, the Zoc Doc pitch, from a Tech Crunch show of a few years ago. You might start with the Zoc Doc pitch, to see how the pitch changed from the Tech Crunch Zoc Doc version pitch above to the Forbes Boost Your Business one here. And Vetrasso, which came very close, is another good pitch on that site.

You could compare those to last year’s winner, KSplice. If you’re looking to do a pitch, it would be a good idea to watch how others have done it.


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