Business Ethics Case Studies And Selected Readings By Marianne Jennings

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Next units then go over various areas of business ethics and use case studies as a help to better understand the dilemmas companies and their employees had to resolve.

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Some of the notable theories are: The author also highlights different types of ethical dilemmas we come into touch with everyday.

Lying or even allowing false impressions to persist, taking advantage, permitting abuse to happen, etc.

If our standards come from a reason and they are absolute, then it doesn't matter whether everybody else is breaking them, or they are not punishable by law, we have been ordered to do so, or they don't create immediate harm to somebody, something.

One thing I respectfully disagree with author is the statement that breaking the law (whose, whether company's or goverment's, doesn't matter) is a ethical breach.

The book recommends creating our own personal credo, which should make us think about who we are and what are our standards and ethical limits.

When it comes to ethics itself, we quickly realize that there is a difference between law and ethics.


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