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Do you have amazing ideas about how to run your business but not only can you not find the time to implement them have never written them down?

If this is you, Business Catalyst Consulting can relate!

I've also been able to raise my fees to compete in larger geographic areas and areas of expertise.

How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

Their work has increased social media presence by triple digits, and the team collaborates well with internal resources. I'm the president of 209 Group, a tech sales representation firm that represents 12 other businesses in the media and entertainment space. What challenge were you trying to address with Business Catalyst Consulting?

We wanted to increase our market presence and revamp our entire marketing approach, including our social media presence and our site. Business Catalyst Consulting has addressed issues from the bottom up, making sure we have a solid marketing strategy.They then began redoing a big chunk of our online presence, including the website that’s currently underway. We partnered in October 2018, and the work is ongoing.Additionally, they’ve taken over our social media and increased our accounts. What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?Do you as a business owner wish there were more hours in the day?Are you currently doing the job of CEO, CFO, CIO and receptionist?How did Business Catalyst Consulting perform from a project management standpoint? They take constructive criticism well and listen to feedback.We meet regularly, and they provide detailed weekly reports. They create detailed plans in collaboration with our internal team and provide consistent project updates. Do you have any advice for future clients of theirs?In the dealership, they’ve refined our process, from greeting customers and managing the customer qualification process to identifying their needs and values. Thanks to Business Catalyst Consulting’s work, we’re the number one result for specific Google searches. We’re now the number two dealership for our brand in our state.Regarding digital, they dig through our database, which contains many different kinds of information about customers’ leases. How did Business Catalyst Consulting perform from a project management standpoint? They’ve done very well helping us adjust our sales goals to fit our inventory status.The team is redoing the site and launches campaigns.Business Catalyst Consulting is organized and efficient, meeting project goals and adjusting well to feedback.


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