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Semantic Scholar, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, pdfs.semanticscholar.org/d27d /47c9add136150ec0f96edcf08ade223e3d2 Below are citations for both the list of sources on the URL as a whole and an example with one of the articles available there.

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To really make an impact, though, you should support your arguments with citations from credible outside sources. Credibility (aka “believability”) can come from one of several factors: Want a little more help determining whether sources are credible? If you have a pretty good sense of what makes a source credible but aren’t sure where to find credible outside sources, I’ve done a little bit of research for you.

Here are 12 cyber bullying articles that you can use in your persuasive essay.

In your persuasive essay, you’ll need to decide on your stance on these issues. edu/docs/e-web/academics/communications/research/vol3no1/ 04doneganejspring12 S.” It highlights the fact that both those who cyberbully and those who are cyberbullied often experience higher rates of depression.

David Mc Namee, a frequent contributor to Medical News Today, calls attention to one frightening aspect of cyber bullying: its victims are highly prone to having suicidal thoughts. The authors of the study speculated that the increased power of cyber bullying to make its victims suicidal was due to the widespread nature of the Internet. Cyberbullying “causes suicidal thoughts in kids more than traditional bullying.” Bullying has been in existence for many years, and this journal article examines the history of the problem and how bullying expanded to include cyber bullying as technologies changed. The article reviews several studies and stresses that these studies alone cannot prove that cyber bullying causes depression.

So I strongly suggest you make your search terms as specific as possible.

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Once you dive in, remember that persuasive essays recommend action(s), and that to do so, you need to take into account, as well as point out, three things: If you need more help getting your arms around writing your persuasive essay, I recommend reading How to Create a Persuasive Essay Outline and checking out Persuasive Essay Writing Made Simple (Infographic). Buy it here - professional essay writing service for college students.Order essay written from scratch at essay writing service - professional essay writers for hire online.You’ve decided to write a persuasive essay, and the topic you’ve chosen is cyber bullying—specifically, something should be done about it, but what?The core, or the “guts,” of your essay should come from your own thoughts and views on the issue.Get help with essay - Best Essay - professional essay writers for hire online. Assignment Geek - homework assistance My Essay Geek - essay help There are a lot of things that you can be able to write in school when you are given a simple task to handle.It is important that you know where to start writing, and what to take into consideration when all this is happening.If you need a little more help with finding resources, check out 5 Best Resources to Help with Writing a Research Paper.Looking at these cyber bullying articles but need to write something other than a persuasive essay?The following articles are helpful for defining a call to action. For victims and parents of victims, the authors recommend recording the offending material, enlisting the help of authorities, contacting the attacker directly, and importantly, having an open environment in the home regarding computer and Internet use. This website presents a collection of useful articles, many of which focus on preventative actions, such as Bullying Prevention and Intervention Tips for Schools and What Can be Done About Name-Calling and Bullying.For educators, the authors recommend that a threat assessment be done and that anti-cyber bullying education be made a regular part of the curriculum.edited by Andrea Canter et al., National Association of School Psychologists. Cyberbullying: Intervention and prevention strategies (Handout no. While many of these resources are aimed at preventing “traditional” bullying, the advice can be applied to cyber bullying as well.


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