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Contrast this with writing a news article or describing a graph.

Contrast this with writing a news article or describing a graph.

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This is the language that students have acquired in their studies to date.

The ability to use grammar and vocabulary effectively when writing a narrative for example.

Creative writing is an excellent opportunity for students to make things up and express themselves originally to an audience.

Teenagers like to make things up and often want to express themselves but can feel self-conscious when asked to do this orally and ‘in front of the class’.

It is also the technical knowledge of writing whether it is the idea of building a story, developing a character or use of simile and metaphor in a poem.

: This is the development of the skills needed to think and act creatively.This usually contains subjects such as relationships, family, crime, health and so on.While these areas may be difficult to speak about orally they can be better represented and expressed on paper.This blog will explore the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of creative writing.In addition, we will also examine three major components of creativity.Consideration also needs to be given here regarding the twilight zone.This is a group of topics that teenagers may feel uncomfortable talking about.I came up with a list of topics and in each lesson we had a 15 minute slot of free writing.The students could choose any topic on the list or one they chose by themselves and then had to write continuously for 15 minutes. The first piece produced I marked holistically and gave general feedback on the piece.I will then provide some practical activities for you to try with your students and present a simple case study from one of my own classes.First of all let’s look at some definitions of the word ‘creative’.


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