Buffalo Soldiers Essay

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Those who were escaped slaves joined as a way to gain their freedom, while the free slaves did so with the hopes of learning skills such as reading and writing.

The new black recruiters were assigned to two different Cavalries.

These men came from New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio and West Virginia.

Other men in training came from Michigan and Wisconsin.

Training for the 28 Cavalry position involved artillery training in rifle and pistol marksmanship.

These soldiers were preparing for deactivation to the Pacific in 1943.

They served their country well during peacetime and during times of war. It was the 10 Cavalry who went up against the Apache Indians.

Their service contribution put them in the Civil War under colored troops.

People believed that black men did not have the discipline and the courage needed when facing tough situations, believing that they would do nothing but run and hide like scared rabbits.

However, the Buffalo soldiers proved these ideas and beliefs wrong. Their service to the military is highly significant to the human population and in the history and making of America.


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