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So don’t overlook their experiences and instincts, and be sure to obtain their support.

So don’t overlook their experiences and instincts, and be sure to obtain their support.

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Strategic planning starts with a SWOT analysis: Analyzing your internal strengths, weaknesses along with your external opportunities and threats.

The basic categories to be evaluated in your internal operation should include: Externally, you’ll want to assess these factors: Socio-cultural – including demographic movements, the aging baby-boomer demographic, consumer tastes, population shifts, and the trend toward healthy lifestyles.

Customer profiles – analyze your target customers’ changing characteristics, wants, and needs.

Determine what you want to target in average age, income, gender, and marital status.

However, many small business owners and managers fail to properly budget time for strategic planning and they fail to capitalize on the expertise of their employees.

After all, employees deal with customers every day.

Their behavior was reminiscent of immature athletes taunting opponents on a football field.

Airbus sales had dropped by more than 50 percent during the first six months of 2006 compared to 2007.

In April 2018, Boeing and Airbus sold orders for billion in jets. jet manufacturer had orders extending into the next five years. Certainly both companies haven’t been 100-percent focused.

This meant both were under pressure to increase production. In Q1 2018, Boeing delivered 184 jets to dominate Airbus in deliveries. In July, 2006, I recall writing an article suggesting that Boeing should not break out the champagne to celebrate even though Airbus was faltering.


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