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When inquired, we were told that people go to the middle of the river for different purposes.Some people go to pray in the middle of the river, to catch some fish, some for picnics, and some go for some fun like us.A JOURNEY BY BOAT Journey is always a pleasurable experience for all and I am also not an exception. The boat began to move smoothly; there were small waves on the river. There were green fields, paddy fields and jute fields, rows of trees which were full of flowers.

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On the banks of the Ganges, many ghats and several boats were under way through the length and breadth of the water.

The very sight of the Ganga excited me and I was eagerly waiting to enter the boat and start rowing.

The competition for his honour, personally bestowed, was all the greater because of the 10 discomforts of standing anywhere else in the boat, by few who applied were chosen.

Just before departure a man limped down the quay, leaning on another.

We were 6 in number and I was entrusted to hire an engine fitted boat.

The passengers on the ferry had nowhere to sit and almost nowhere to stand.

Since Bangladesh is a riverine country, a boat ride gives one the clearest picture of the scenic beauty of Bangladesh. We saw many boys and girls farting and swimming in the river. We bought rice, eggs, and big hilsha fish and curds. The boatman tried to reach the destination before the sunset as it was late afternoon. The setting sun reflected on the gleaming water and created an ethereal feeling among us. It gave me much pleasure to again see the beauty of the motherland.

A few days ago, I made a journey by boat from Mongla to Paikgacha during my Autumn vacation. Fishermen were catching fish and the women were seen fetching water in colorful pitchers. The boat moved slowly and we reached our destination.

Not long afterwards, the chief engineer, in fact the only engineer, abandoned his post and came to the bridge to dry out.

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