Blindness In King Lear Thesis

Their disregard results in tragedy in the world around them and brings about the rise and fall of the kingdom of Lear.In the first scene, the audience sees Lear proclaiming to his three daughters that in order to be awarded their dowries they must first express their love accordingly to him. 55-61) At this point in the play, the audience is introduced to Goneril’s true personality. 90) Lear cannot see that Cordelia actually loves him the most.The result of both Lear and Gloucester’s actions led to their deaths and possibly others in the end of the play.

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Because of the false letter, Edgar disguises himself as a beggar so no one will know his true identity.

After his father, Gloucester, is blinded, Edgar helps him readjust to the world.

Gloucester is easily persuaded and cannot openly doubt Edmund’s loyalty, even though he has no evidence of why Edgar would want to do such a thing.

“Well then, Legitimate Edgar, I must have you land. 15-21) This illustrates to the audience how much Gloucester relies on others judgment to make up his own mind.

This blindness is a tragic flaw, that in which, if one is not quick to realize it, it can have deadly and long term effects as developed through William Shakespeare’s King Lear.

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According to Shakespeare, blindness is not simply a physical issue, but rather an intellectual issue.Blindness, as Shakespeare portrays, not only a physical inability to see, but also a mental flaw that some characters present in this tragic play.King Lear and the Earl of Gloucester are the two characters who make up the parallel “double plot” of the tragedy caused of their lack of sight, mental blindness.They both undergo a very similar plot and suffer from their false decisions, the ones they feel very remorseful of later on....[tags: Literary Analysis, Shakespeare] - Rough Draft 1: King Lear Lack of insight or blindness to one’s surroundings can be an indicator of failure in one’s proper metacognition.Lear seems to be entertained by the fact that each daughter is competing against one another for his love and trust. Driven by his blindness, Lear begins to make many mistakes.It is for this reason, when, unlike her sisters, Cordelia finds it hard to lie and Lear acts in the way that he does. He not only loses his devoted daughter; but also banishes his most loyal servant, Kent. 92-93) It seems Cordelia does a poor job of expressing the fact that she truly loves her father. 96-98) It may be said that even though she feels honor and love for her father, she has failed him by not telling him what he wants to hear.When Cordelia does speak again, she does not go any further than saying that it is her duty to honor and love Lear. The letter is addressed to Edmund plotting Gloucester’s death.Edmund’s goal is to take Edgar’s place of being next in line to his father, for the duke’s throne.Throughout William Shakespeare’s King Lear, many characters make mistakes that cost them greatly.The characters are all blind to something, misinterpreting other character’s actions and emotions.


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