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In my mind, this means giving others your utmost best in all things you do.You must show others the most patient, honest, loyal, attentive side to yourself.Douglas Rochler November 16, 2011 A black belt in not just fabric that you tie around your waist.

Each lining of the belt is equivalent to each belt you’ve been through. Disappointment reaps my mind, regrets overwhelm me.

“I thought I did everything right, I thought I was fine, I thought my technique was perfect.

Through these years I have learned that sleep will affect my performance not in only tae kwon do but in school and any other activities. I have learned to be polite, respectful, kind and to have integrity at all times when dealing with others.

These principles have helped me to avoid conflicts with my peers and others.

These skills have been instrumental in my Boy Scouting endeavors as well.

I have achieved several ranks and am confident these skills will lead me to my ultimate rank of Eagle Scout.We, as humans, literally have a functioning area of the brain that sets guidelines to your moral behavior.It is in my beliefs that our Senior Belt Codes in Tae Kwon Do provide a basic outline of these moral guidelines.Although it is in natural instinct to follow a moral code, the mind often loses focus.The Senior Belt Codes provide a basis for which we can model our lives on.They are mended together to create the sheen black lining.The firmness of the belt resembles the knowledge you’ve obtained, the sheen black edging resembles the sweat and tears poured into your training, and the black coloring resembles all of your belt colors combined. After twelve years of training, I still didn’t make it.This, in my opinion, is the true definition of giving people your respect.In the end, the first Senior Belt Code really defines the rest. As the testing paper crossed my face, I saw the letters “F-A-I-L” written across.With my heart broken and my soul shattered, I quietly accepted my results and walked away.


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