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During the mania they might have racked up massive debts, damaged their careers and relationships with reckless behaviour or engaged in promiscuous activities that make them feel embarrassed.Post mania requires rebuilding and often coming to terms with a life-changing diagnosis.

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Three-quarters of them are currently active research participants in the Longitudinal Study of Bipolar Disorder..

Using those findings, the team has developed a framework that could be useful to researchers studying the condition, clinical teams treating it, and patients experiencing it.

In fact, they say, no one genetic change, or chemical imbalance, or life event, lies at the heart of every case of the mental health condition once known as manic depression.

Rather, every patient's experience with bipolar disorder varies from that of others with the condition.

Now, three years later, I am managing to study and work at the same time and am able to enjoy my life." *Name has been changed. "Better care needed for people displaying first symptoms of bipolar disorder." Science Daily. People experiencing psychosis become more prone to experiencing unusual thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that make it harder to distinguish reality.

For some people experiencing childhood trauma is ..."As a consultant psychiatrist, this is something I see again and again.People who are identified early and get effective treatment quickly are able to avoid further episodes and achieve extraordinary things, while others who the system doesn't serve so well can get stuck for years.But all of their experiences include features that fall into seven classes of phenotypes, or characteristics that can be observed, the team reports in a new paper in the . Prechter Bipolar Research Program, collected and analyzed tens of thousands of data points over years about the genetics, emotions, life experiences, medical histories, motivations, diets, temperaments, sleep patterns and thought patterns of research volunteers.More than 730 had bipolar disorder, and 277 didn't.Nearly six million Americans have bipolar disorder, and most have probably wondered why.After more than a decade of studying over 1,100 of them in-depth, a team of scientists has an answer -- or rather, seven answers.Nearly 6 million Americans have bipolar disorder, and most have probably wondered why.After more than a decade of studying over 1,100 of them in-depth, a University of Michigan team has an answer -- or rather, seven answers."Another really important factor is research -- we need long-term studies to help guide future treatments and make sure we keep people well in the longer term." Simon Kitchen, CEO of Bipolar UK, commented: "Bipolar UK supports thousands of people affected by bipolar disorder each year.First episode mania can have a devastating impact on people living with bipolar and their families.


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