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He believed that people evolve and grow throughout the lives, change because they are aspiring to be something more, for themselves and their loved ones.Alfred encouraged her to keep working and search for her soul in painting.SS official Odilo Globocnik announced a plan to increase the use of Jewish forced labor and to establish separate work camps for Jewish men and women.

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In early spring 1940 Charlotte`s grandmother was not able to withstand the burden of the War and committed suicide.

It was only then that Charlotte learned that her mother did not die from influenza, as she had been told, but was also a suicide.

Indeed, there were five suicides in her mother`s family.

As she rationalized: “She found herself facing the question of whether to commit suicide or to undertake something wildly eccentric…

The atmosphere during the lesson was not laid-back and relaxing because Professeur Ludwig Bartning was a true Anti-fascist, so he kept a watchful eye on Charlotte.

After the Nazis came to power the situation has changed tremendously.The young girl did not know the real cause of her mother`s death.For a while, it was commonly believed Fränze Grunwald died of influenza.Despite the Danes and Norwegians` attempts to prevent the Nazis from harming Jews, in April the Secret order by the High Command of the Armed Forces was released.According to the rule, persons of mixed blood and husbands of Jewish women must be discharged.Despite the tough conditions, a life dominated by death and loss, she was an incarnation of woman`s fortitude.Charlotte Salomon, the only child of Albert Salomon and Fränze Grunwald, was born 16 April 1917 in Berlin. Her aunt committed suicide five years before Charlotte`s birth, the mother – 13 years after.Check out the following essay for making your writing process easier.Charlotte Salomon: the Mother of the Graphic Novel Known for her massive artwork of nearly 1,300 pictures produced in 18 months, German Jewish artist Charlotte Salomon became an iconic figure during the 20th century.She had to vanish for a while from the human plane and make every sacrifice in order to create her world anew out of the depth” (Weisberg, Ruth, and Mary Lowenthal Felstiner 52).Charlotte responded quite unusually to all the destruction which surrounded her.


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