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Teachers are the ones who teach students to become manipulative. Windows Vista crashed my computer This could be a valid reason.

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We are all aware that students are very busy people having little time to spare, even less for doing boring homework tasks. The only way out is to come up with a plausible excuse and spare yourself of performing homework or at least postpone it until better times.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, teachers often assign way too much leaving thus no way possible to do it all, if you are not a genius, or at least a nerd. By the way, if you by accident decided to do the homework, check our tips how to save time and do it faster and better.

So, moment X is getting closer, you’re going to class, knowing that you didn’t even touch the homework.

Of course, if you don’t care, make yourself comfortable in the last row and turn the music louder.

Not wishing to see all this wonderful stuff disappear into the ether, we've picked out our favourite eight for you to enjoy as you pour yourself a well-earned half-term drink.

@jacob_middleton "Destroyed in a controlled explosion" was the homework story I heard today from a work colleague @uertas_sonia I am in the process of re-evaluating my priorities and Military History did not make the list @Bray Learning: A great one "I was stopped by a film crew and ended up playing a peasant" @Auntie Bekahxx I don't have a dog but my cat weed on my homework once!Having graduated from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), he worked briefly with the American consulting firm, Kurt Salmon Associates before taking the entrepreneurial route.Outside of the work arena, Aditya has a personal interest in helping MBA students.-With more and more people using computer based software to complete their homework, a whole new spectrum of excuses have been opened to the desperate, homework lacking student2# I did not understand the homework, could you please explain it to me again so I can give it a second try,-This excuse works better for maths or questions based homework rather than essays.However, it is a good way to hit 2 birds with one stone especially if you actually don’t understand the homework assignment.3# Oh, I think I was absent when the homework was given out.-you were obviously ill when the homework was handed out in class, even though you’re teacher is looking at your ‘tick’ of attendance in the register.4#I was not able to finish my homework, because I was busy with extra-curricular activities and volunteering work, outside of school.-if you’re doing any work or any outside of work, hey why not use them as an excuse for not doing your homework.He is also actively involved in giving back to the society by contributing a part of the revenue towards education of poor students.To mark the imminence of half-term, we decided to have a bit of fun earlier this week.My dog ate my homework No, he best excuse is because a potato flew around your room. And I mean, yes,some homework is dumb, but not in the teacher's eyes... Maybe really stupid - Jays Top10List I ran out of toilet paper so I used it to wipe my ass That is amazing. How in the world do you use ROUGH paper to wipe your ass?!?!?! I rather twerk than do my homework Nicki Minaj would use that as a excuse.I've tried it and it worked In this episode of the amazing world of gumball, gumball and Darwin don't have their homework because they're dad thought eating it would make him smarter so they get sent to theropy because they think they're lying when it's TRUE It's getting old people. - Jays Top10List My mom put it in a shredder because she thought my homework was too dumb to teach me anything Love a savage sister You're mom is not going to do something like that, and if she did, she would send a note. Really that's really weird and crazy if you really did do that That is so messed up I flushed my spelling homework down the toilet Probably because you dropped it and then pooped on it. I got distracted by Jimmy Kimmel Live How in the world would Jimmy Kimmel distract you from doing your homework? - Samui Neko The teacher may just ask you to show them. I got my homework wet in the pool I was just sunbathing near the pool and at the same time doing my work because I do relaxation and work at the same time.This situation can be fodder to some great teacher stories as students can come up with the most hilarious homework excuses.Have you ever had students come up with homework excuses like these?


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