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-I lived close to my school we had homework due in Computing and it was just after lunch and I knew she usually asks for the homework at the start of class and was very strict about missing it so as soon as I walked in I put a look of fake shock/horror on my face and said "oh sorry miss i've just realized I left the oven on at home, can I quickly run home and turn it off" too which she said "ye go ahead you had better hurry:" I took my time signing out at the office and walked slowly home arriving back in class with 25 minutes to go by which time all the homework had been collected and she had completley forgotten about mine.I did this with 3 or 4 different teachers but the problem is it only works once per teacher.

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Without losing some information about it's momentum I can't do any better than that, I'm sorry." Teacher to a friend of mine in history; "You've not given me a single piece of history homework for the passed three months, where is your essay!?

Without losing some information about it's momentum I can't do any better than that, I'm sorry." I, myself have made up some pretty good excuses but can't seem to think of any at the moment.

Alas, none of the things usually work out and it is left up to you to save yourself. I mean yes, but actually…” Well, there is always hope.

And by the time you could make up the perfect justification, your teacher asks, “What about your homework? It can be a good help if you try out these excuses for not doing your homework.

I am such a sincere boy; I just can’t leave my homework undone. Have some more interesting excuses you have heard of? Share with us in the comments below and let the laughter begin!

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3) “I was too busy with extra-curricular activities” A believable excuse, and makes you sound like an active, hard-working angel.

We all have drained our brains thinking for the perfect lie that could save us from our teachers.

-Next up was the fact my school banned the use of memory sticks due to viruses so a few times I I brought in a blank memory stick and asked the teacher to print off my homework to which they replied "oh no I can't they have been banned" cue the look of fake shock on my face "that's ridiculous what are we supposed to do if we don't have a printer" too which they replied "I know it's stupid oh well can you e-mail it to me for tommorow" which always bought me an extra day and again they never blamed me for it because they foolishly assumed I had done it and it was the schools fault not mine Another excuse a different friend made was that he went in a fishing boat with his granddad and he was doing his homework there. Not really that funny, just the teacher's response which made it interesting haha.

Suddenly there was a really big pull and he had to help his granddad pull so he threw his book into the air and it fell into the water.


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