Benefits Of Homework Research

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Recently, Heidi Maier, the new superintendent of Marion County in FL, which has 42,000 students made national news because she not only is banning homework, but is replacing it with 20 minutes of reading per night.Studies clearly show that young students gain from reading nightly, being read to and picking books of interest to them.

Although not true for everyone, I spent a lot of time on homeworks.

Homework were also useful when I entered English school in grade 12.

It took me a few months to understand what teachers were saying and once I reached a good level of English, I had to play catch up on the real work.

” Plus it frees up time where parents can genuinely connect with their child whether over dinner, or gardening in the backyard without the stress of impending schoolwork.

Of course, the no homework program isn’t for every principal although I really think in early elementary school there’s no downside and research even reveals that, too!


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