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To start with, the right use of quotes in essays augments the power of your arguments and makes your essays appear more convincing.

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We first see (meet) him (her, [the name of a character]) as ... Then (after that, further, further on, next) the author passes on to (goes on from ... (the results of the talks; the problems connected with the privatization of the Defense Minister; the introduction of market economy).

(the problems of disarmament; the ceasefire agreement; the results of the general election).

(the talks should be resumed; the worsening ecologic situation was caused by the nuclear tests; an envoy should be sent for talks with representatives of both sides; the plan should be reconsidered).

(the development of cultural relations between the two countries; space exploration; the introduction of market economy; the problems connected with privatization).

You should start writing your essay with a quote that lays foundation to the main idea behind the essay. You can also comment on the quotation in this introductory paragraph if you wish.

Either way, to get a perfect score on the GRE essay, use a relevant quote strategically but don’t force it into the essay.

some (a few) critical remarks about (of, concerning…) The article opens with the statement about…

the aim of the article is to provide a reader with some material on...) The article is concerned with … to recall to characterize to analyze to comment on to enumerate to point out to emphasize to stress to underline to generalize about to criticize to make a few critical remarks on to reveal to expose to accuse to blame to condemn to mock smth to ridicule to praise to address smb… to give a summary of to give one’s account of to take a decision… to have one's fingers on the pulse of current events, public opinion The article (the author) begins with a (the) description of… At the end of the article the author sums it all up (by saying…)…

In conclusion the author depicts (dwells on, touches upon, explains, introduces, mentions, recalls, characterizes, points out, generalizes, makes a few critical remarks on, reveals, exposes, accuses, blames, condemns, mocks at, ridicules, praises, sympathizes with, gives a summary of, gives his account of, makes an excursus into). As it is reported from London...(the negotiations have been broken off; the Prime minister is due to visit China later this month; Mr. (the problem will be considered later; the situation in the region is getting back to normal; the situation continuous to be tense; the talks will be resumed later this week; the demands of the demonstrators will be met). should be restored; it was necessary to take urgent measures).

to, goes on to say that, gives a detailed analysis (description, etc.) of, digresses from the subject, depicts, dwells on, touches upon, explains, introduces, mentions, recalls, characterizes, points out, generalizes, makes a few critical remarks on, reveals, exposes, accuses, blames, condemns, mocks at, ridicules, praises, sympathizes with, gives a summary of, gives his account of, makes an excursus into, etc). (there was an acute shortage of food supplies; the ruling party was responsible for the situation; the diplomatic relations with... (hold a general election; resign; work out a new economic program; provide economic aid to some African countries; grant credits to...).


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