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The attack was followed by an important land invasion on April 25th.

Dardanelles was a strait at the northern bank and provided a sea route to the Russian empire.

They cannot even be contributed to one or two factors - the campaigns would have gains both of political and militaristic value and in either way would allow the Allies to further support each other and contribute to the war effort.

First of all we must understand Turkey's position, both in world politics and on the map. After deposing the Sultan and breaking up the centuries old Ottoman Empire, the Young Turks, as the new liberal democratic Turkish leaders were known, had been beset by internal troubles and failed ventures into the Balkans and this had considerably weakened their position, making them open to international persuasion and manipulation.

I have merely decided, for the sake of simplicity and shortness to stick to the land campaign.

LAND CAMPAIGN The land campaigns in Gallipoli cannot be summed up in one or two sentences.

This was important, as at the outbreak of war both Greece to its west and Bulgaria to its north were neutral countries, and Turkey joining the war on the German side would greatly influence the decisions of both of these two countries, not only as regards their neutrality but also what side they would join on the war on.

Also, Turkish divisions could threaten the Suez Canal which would have been a great hindrance to the British war effort. Turkey controlled the Dardanelles Narrows, the only channel through which the Allies could reach the Black Sea ports and supply Russia with the arms and ammunition she sorely needed to continue the war.

Being Australian, and being asked to write a project on WW1, there is only one natural choice for me.

If you ask an Englishman to name a battle, it will almost certainly be Waterloo or Trafalgar; if you ask a Frenchman, it will be Verdun; for Australians it is Gallipoli.


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