Baby Boom Research Paper

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Baby boomers are among the most avid consumers of health information and approach their health care providers with far greater initiative and than did older adults of yesteryear [9].

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Baby boomers are different from the generations that preceded them; they are more savvy, assertive, health-conscious, and engaged in their care [2, 3].

Even recently, the literature of medical sociology has portrayed older adults as reluctant to speak up to their doctors and passive in communicating about their health care [4, 5].

People are living longer and have smaller families, demographic trends that have created new demands on their baby boomer children [12].

As caregivers who are themselves dealing with the chronic illnesses of later life, boomers can serve as more understanding health care advocates.

These results suggest that consumer welfare may increase as the baby boom generation begins to retire near the turn of the century.

Thus the retirement of the baby boom generation need not necessarily be a cause of concern.

The model predicts that a baby boom causes a temporary decline of the capital-labor ratio.

Furthermore, and perhaps counter intuitively, the model predicts that the saving rate of the economy falls during the period of increasing consumer welfare.


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