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Ayn Rand’s story gives hope to all who want not to be conquered by their government and to have a say in what they believe in.

If your government or society doesn’t like what you have to say, then it shows you can also walk right out the door if you don’t like what is happening.

We should be allowed to make our own choices, even though some peers may not accept this decision, we should be allowed to live independently.

Freedom should only be taken away by one’s self, or if someone has committed something so sinister that he or she’s rights and freedoms should to be taken away.

He is a very headstrong person and is not persuaded so easily.

That is why he had left his society in the first place.

He then named, “The Golden One”, Gaea who was the mother of Earth and of all gods.

Equality then explains to us how we must not be tied down by our friends or peers.

He wants to become a one of a kind in history and to create a name for himself that everyone will remember.

He will not only follow in his old societies footprints but will instead follow his anestrous ways of society.


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