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Read more on how to submit and revise You can track the status of your submitted paper online.The system you use to track your submission will be the same system to which you submitted.

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Much better than any other author names, including the last author name.

So should be the first author of a scientific paper?

Acknowledgments should be made only for significant contributions by professional associates, permission to publish by employer, access to land or equipment, financial support, and reviews. It is highly recommended that authors utilize some of the many online search engines to ensure that all publications relevant to their research are identified.

Supporting information is important, ancillary information relevant to the article that does not appear in the print or online version of the journal.

However, even without a notification you can track the status of your article by entering your article reference number and corresponding author surname in Track Your Accepted Article.

Read more about the article tracking service Now that your article is published, you can promote it to achieve a bigger impact for your research.

Manuscripts must not have been previously published, or currently submitted elsewhere for publication while in review for Manuscripts and all figures must be in an electronic format in order to utilize our online review system.

Manuscripts should be prepared in a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word, double spaced in size 12-point font, with line numbering.

It can comprise additional tables, data sets, figures, movie files, audio clips, 3D structures, and other related nonessential multimedia files.

Read more detail from Wiley on supporting information. Tables should be embedded "inline" in the manuscript.


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