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Affective component is the emotion or feeling segment of an attitude.Behaviour-based attitude is based on the self-perception of one’s own behaviour when the initial attitude is weak or ambiguous.A positive attitude will make you an optimist, and help you avoid worries and negative thoughts.

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If you tried to do so in the past and failed, it only means that you have not tried enough and should try again.

If your mind whispers to you that you cannot change, do not listen to it.

Attitude is an enduring evaluation—positive or negative—of people, objects, and ideas.

Thus, attitudes are evaluative statements or judgments concerning objects, people, or events.

During the course of development the person acquires tendencies to respond to objects.

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These learned cognitive mechanisms are called attitudes.

A positive frame of mind can help you in many ways and in many situations.

It will help you stay calm in difficult situations, not to lose hope, and to continue whatever you are doing, despite difficulties or failure.

This light affects not only you and the way you look at the world, but it also affects your environment and the people around you.

If this attitude is strong enough, it becomes contagious. This one of the reasons why creative visualization is essential for success, happiness and contentment.


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