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Both of these lines set your mind to think about life in the war and what’s going to happen next.In the second line of ‘Attack’ it’s very atmospheric, because it goes on to say that the troops massed in to battle in the ‘glowering sun’, which is personification because glowering is a human life form and the sun can’t glower.In line 1-6 the Bishop, is telling the boys that when the soldiers return from the war, they will not be the same again, and he states the reasons why.

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This sends a message to the reader that generals do not accomplish tasks/objectives.

Adding to this, by describing the soldiers as “Pallid, unshaved and thirsty” tells the reader that they are lacking in, colour, spirit or intensity.

The essay is to compare Attack and Anthem For Doomed Youth.

In both poems the poet has described life in the World War 1 but at different stages.

“WE’D gained our first objective hours before”, is the first line in “Counter Attack”.

The personal pro noun “WE’D” is emphasised in the poem telling the reader that THEY (him and the soldiers) have accomplished their objective and could imply that the generals or people in higher command have not.

In ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’ the first line is a rhetorical question, which is about men during the war that went into battle and died, but bells are ringing in their honour.

Then the rest of the stanza is like the answer to the question by telling you what was going on during that time.

Not to mention the soldiers that had to leave their families behind to go and fight for their country.

So many people have lost their loved ones, or returned injured or is suffering from post dramatic stress, and what the government do not understand no amount of money, therapy or kind words will be able to undo these changes, these deaths or injuries.


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