Atomic Bomb Hiroshima Essay

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The hellish firebombing of Tokyo in March 1945 killed some 250,000 civilians and maimed huge numbers more.With the Japanese A-bombings, a key player was Leslie Groves, who had built up and managed the Manhattan Project over the years.Such destruction of life stirs me to sorrow and outrage.

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Many say that the atomic bombs actually saved many lives in the long run because it prevented the invasion of Japan.

Before the bombs, Japan wanted to surrender, on condition that their leaders had to stay in charge.

America said the Emperor of Japan leader could stay in power, but the Japanese had to take orders from American soldiers placed in Japan, making it an occupied territory.

More people would have been killed in a full battle in Japan.

Such a warning shot could have persuaded the Japanese to end the war, and its humane nature would have enhanced the US’s moral standing.

The atomic bombings are often framed as the only alternative to a land invasion of a Japan that wouldn’t surrender under any but the most-dire circumstances.

Properly used as threats to ensure quick surrender, the A-bombs could have prevented virtually all further deaths in Japan—of Americans, Japanese and any others, from invasion, firebombing, A-bombing and ground warfare.

That is, of course, precisely what the A-bombs did achieve.

Some give different guesses of deaths in an invasion and deaths by the atomic bombs, and say that the bombings were not necessary. No nuclear weapon has ever been used in combat since August 9, 1945.

The decision to use nuclear weapons on Japan was made after an analysis showed that more than a million people—combatants of both nations and civilians—would die if Japan was invaded by Allied forces. would have resorted to firebombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki which would have caused a similar amount of damage, but without the shock value that nuclear weapons have.


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