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Works or inventions are typically books or designs but can include ideas or a work product, which includes software programs.

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Please review the entire document before starting your step-by-step process. Last wills and living trusts can accomplish similar objectives.

Whether a living trust is better for you than a will depends on whether the additional options it provides are worth the cost.

A company’s ability to buy and sell property is essential to its long-term life and vitality.

Although it does not take up physical space, an excess of intellectual property can burden a company, directing limited funds towards maintaining registrations, defending against third-party claims, or creating and marketing a final product.

If you are contemplating creating a technology startup, an important part of the formation of the company should include an intellectual property (IP) assignment agreement.

Intellectual property is legally defined as a work or invention that is the result of creativity to which one has rights and for which one may apply for a trademark, patent, copyright, or other appropriate protection to keep others from using it without permission.If you follow the enclosed model and guidelines, you will have a written acknowledgment of the rights and responsibilities being transferred as part of your sale.This will provide essential documentation of ownership and liability obligations and you will be well on your way to establishing a clear record of title for all of your intellectual property.Assignment agreements for startups are a necessity.An intellectual property assignment agreement is a key legal document that investors look for when deciding whether to fund you.This last is an important point when hiring a software developer.The developer is strictly hired to create a work product, namely a software program or application.There is no standard form for assignment agreements so each must be carefully worded and signed by the employee or developer for it to be binding.If the agreement is part of the employee handbook or other employee guidelines, you need to work with an attorney to make certain it will still be legally binding if the signature is on a separate employment agreement document.Get the details on both so you can choose what's best for you and your family.Do you know the top 3 ways that you can avoid probate? Either way, here is a short primer on some great ways to give less to Uncle Sam and keep more of your estate in the hands of the people you love most.


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