Assignment Of Claim

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At least such questions might affect the quantum of recovery, but they might have further and even more basic legal consequences, the Canadian claimant (Loewen Group, Inc.) declared bankruptcy during the pendency of the arbitration proceedings.

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However, the tribunal rejected Indonesia’s argument finding that: the right acquired by Amco Asia to invoke the arbitration clause is attached to its investment, represented by its share in P. Such approval having been given in the instant case, it constitutes, together with Amco Asia’s Request to transfer the shares, the agreement in writing to submit to ICSID arbitration the disputes with the transferee, requested by the Convention (Art.

25) Amco thus supports the proposition that in contract cases, a prospective claimant will be required to demonstrate the host State’s consent to the assignment.

Investment treaties typically set out specific nationality requirements.

Unlike contracts, the investor-State arbitration clause found in most investment treaties actually constitutes an open offer.

Once that offer is accepted, the arbitration agreement is perfected.

Assignment Of Claim

When the assignor is a national of a non-ICSID Contracting State or a person or entity that is not otherwise covered under an investment treaty, yet the assignee is a national of an ICSID Contracting State or a national who would satisfy an investment treaty’s nationality requirements, several tribunals have considered that this is not sufficient to establish jurisdiction.The ICLG to: Investor-State Arbitration Laws and Regulations covers common issues in investor-state arbitration laws and regulations - including treaties, legal frameworks, case trends, funding, international tribunals, domestic courts, recognition and enforcement - in 21 jurisdictions.However, arbitral practice reveals that when assigned rights are to be enforced by arbitration, a host of complex issues may arise, including whether assignees may compel arbitration against the assignor’s counterparty and whether an assignment after the commencement of the arbitration is possible and if so, whether it has the effect of a joinder, and whether and how assignment affects the rights and obligations of the assignor or the assignor’s counterparty.Whether a party has standing to bring a lawsuit is often considered through the constitutional lens of justiciability – that is, whether there is a “case or controversy” between the plaintiff and the defendant “within the meaning of Art. On September 15, 2016, the New York Appellate Division, First Department, issued a decision addressing the foregoing principles holding that one of the plaintiffs lacked standing to assert claims because the assignment of the right to pursue remedies did not constitute the assignment of claims. A would-be assignor need not use any particular language to validly assign its claim “so long as the language manifests [the assignor’s] intention to transfer at 18 (quoting agreements that were the subject of that appeal), may validly create a power of attorney, but that language would not validly assign a claim, because it does “not purport to transfer title or ownership” of one.Arbitral practice shows that transferring an investment is not necessarily the same as assigning an investment treaty claim.However, whether the assignment of the investment treaty claim (as opposed to the assignment/transfer of the investment) will be effective, will depend on several factors, including timing, nationality requirements and the nature of the dispute.In effect, the assignor cannot assign a right she does not have (, the original investor, a Canadian corporation, had assigned its rights to the US claimant.At the time, Canada was not a party to the ICSID Convention.Indeed, tribunals have not taken issue with assignments that are limited to the proceeds of any resulting award, as opposed to the assignment of the claim itself.Award creditors also have the option to assign any resulting award, but, at that stage, the formalities and effect of such assignments would most likely rest entirely within the purview of domestic, as opposed to international, law.


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