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Sometimes, this can be good exposure and a great way to build relationships with new people and teams.

And other times—you may wonder why on earth you went to college, if this is what’s become of your career.

I suggest to edit the document to make it clear that the command above works for adding users to both Host Pool and App Group @soeirodefaria that is not 100% true a host pool does not have concept of group does..also there is a default group we create.

If you check here you will see appgroup is required parameter @stgeorgi thanks for the clarity.

I'm sorry about my ignorance, it was my first time deploying WVD.

It wasn't clear to me that app group is used regardless of what has been deployed was Desktop or Applications.

This is purely informative and will not stop you from continuing to use Winshuttle.

After relaunching the application, the licence will be checked in again and you will be able to continue working.

I’m not talking about occasionally being asked to make copies or order pizza for the team.

I’m referencing the more absurd things that sometimes arise: being told that your marketing gig includes holding a sign on the street corner or that, as a graphic designer, you’ll be creating your boss’s holiday cards.


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