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Both Fitzgerald and his boss Richard Helms later testified that RFK had not been informed.

Both Fitzgerald and his boss Richard Helms later testified that RFK had not been informed.

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On the same day, November 22 1963, a CIA officer was handing an assassination instrument to Rolando Cubela, code-named AMLASH, in the latest of CIA attempts to murder Fidel Castro.

The case officer's superior, Special Affairs Staff Desmond Fitzgerald, had personally met with Cubela earlier, and presented himself as a personal representative of Robert Kennedy.

recur over and over again in the Kennedy assassination saga, with many unanswered questions.

What have we learned from the voluminous CIA declassifications of the 1990s? President Kennedy entered office as an advocate of a stronger line against Fidel Castro's Cuba, and was a fan of the kind of counterinsurgent warfare employed by the CIA.

Bitterness continued as Robert Kennedy took control of Cuban operations, haranguing the CIA to "do something" about Castro.

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Meanwhile, many CIA and Pentagon officers viewed the subsequent sabotage program, Operation Mongoose, as insufficient to overthrow the ever-stronger Castro.Pursuing such multiple tracks would not be out of character for JFK, and the circumstantial evidence is fairly strong that he and his brother authorized at least some of the plots to kill Castro.But direct evidence of Presidential authorization has never been forthcoming.Tensions even within the government were so high on Cuba that this "peace track" was undertaken behind the back of the State Department, CIA, and Pentagon.One of the intermediaries, a journalist and emissary named Jean Daniel was meeting with Castro when news of JFK's assassination came.The Cuban Missile Crisis is remembered today as a Kennedy success story, and indeed Kennedy's steady hand during the crisis may very well have prevented World War III.But many insiders at that time viewed the Kennedy blockade as yet another sign of weakness and failure of nerve.Some of the figures involved in these CIA-Mafia plots - Johnny Roselli, Santo Trafficante, Sam Giancana, Bill Harvey - have long been "persons of interest" in the Kennedy assassination.Roselli and Giancana were both murdered during the Church Committee's investigation.Senator Richard Russell, when informed of the situation, was among those who advocated immediate military action to remove the missiles, telling Kennedy: "It seems to me that we are at a crossroads. And I think that we should assemble as speedily as possible an adequate force and clean out that situation." CIA officer William Harvey sent commando teams into Cuba during the crisis, which earned him the emnity of the Kennedys and eventual exile in Rome.During 1963, plans for the overthrow of Castro continued, while the Kennedy administration simultaneously began pursuing a "second track" of accomodation.


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