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This means the company is run about as well as you would expect when no one's ever held a real job before.

It sounds like a strange combination, at least it did to me, until I was able to apply it myself.

When my son made the connection between our recent studies in Leonardo da Vinci and problem solving with art, then jumped in and spent hours working on his project, I knew we had a winner. In the school system they really struggled with these areas due to dysgraphia and fine motor delays.

Anything that inspires and engages students in STEAM pursuits is a winner in my books!

Check out our Doctor Who and Starry Night inspired drawing.

But, we are such huge fans of Creation Crate, I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad we did! Inside is a little full colour book, a booklet of blank paper, a pencil, eraser, fan brush, inspiration tags, pencil sharpener (an owl one!

The box arrived and had a cute little cat image stamped on it. ), eraser, one sheet of water colour paper, a plastic table cloth, a roll of washi tape, and Crayola water colour pencil crayons. Only one sheet of water colour paper doesn’t seem like enough.Some simply give you an aisle number while others take you there.The people who take you there have to decide to get up from what they’re doing and help you. Becoming a problem solver doesn’t require you to jump into the middle of any disgruntled situation, but it does mean finding solutions and giving up the shrug of the shoulders.He never touched the water colours, instead only using pencil “the way Leonardo did”, but the box provided him with the inspiration. I’m so thankful for this box providing us with this moment in his education.I love a program that promotes critical thinking, problem solving and creativity, and Think with Art does that!The paper seems like such an inexpensive piece of the box, I wish they had included more sheets. Not huge, but basic grammar and spelling issues that should have been caught and corrected. My youngest had fun making his picture and seeing what happened when he used the wet brush.We tried to use other paper (see image below), but the water colour pencils definitely worked the best on the water colour paper. I have no idea why it was in the box or what it is for! I would have traded the washi tape for more water colour paper. He explored colour mixing and liked using the instructions in the book to learn how to draw a cat using simple shapes. He decided to incorporate what he has been learning about Leonardo da Vinci, and come up with his own da Vinci style sketches to solve the problem.So when I was asked by the creators of Creation Crate to try out their new program, Think With Art, I hesitated.I didn’t want to commit to trying a program that my boys might not enjoy making it hard for me to provide an honest review.Follow these few steps: You’ll often hear people claiming to be ‘born problem solvers’. For the rest of us, we need to cultivate a problem-solving mindset.And it’s true, some of us have a quick creative mind like that. It’s like shopping in a large store and asking a clerk where an item is.


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