Art History Dissertation Questions

The thesis should be written in its entirety during the thesis block.

The summer research will help students hone and focus their topics, and become familiar with the literature in the field.

The final proposal should be more detailed than the earlier version, incorporating the results of summer research.

Ultimately, some of the senior thesis students will work with each of us.

We will make every effort to have you work with the professor who knows most about your topic and/or whose thesis block is scheduled at a convenient time for you.

Once preliminary proposals are submitted, you will be assigned a thesis advisor.

Your thesis advisor will work with you to develop your research plan and make assignments to be completed during the summer.These take place as part of a symposium held by the art department to highlight the work of senior majors.Students will work with their thesis advisors to compose and practice their presentations.Following Senior Seminar, in block 3, you will take a thesis block (AH415) with your thesis advisor.In most cases, the thesis will be completed by the end of the thesis block.Senior Seminar is held during block 2 of the senior year.During this students will work closely with their faculty thesis advisors.Students also will give a public presentation of the thesis at the end of the senior year as part of a symposium for majors in the field.The senior thesis in art history will show that the student has mastered the following: · writing a substantial paper demonstrating knowledge of the chosen subject · in-depth research and critical reading you will choose your topic and make a preliminary proposal in consultation with the art history faculty.The preliminary thesis proposal is due at the beginning of block 8 of the junior year.Students consult with faculty prior to submitting the proposals in order to develop a strong and workable topic.


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