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Patricia Blessing (Stanford), ‘Friedrich Sarre and the discovery of Seljuk Anatolia’ 11/PB1 Laura Breen (University of Westminster), ‘Redefining ceramics through exhibitionary practice (1970-2009)’11/LB1 Keith Broadfoot (Sydney), ‘The blot on the landscape: Fred Williams and Australian art history’ 11/KB1 Eva Fotiadi (Free University Berlin/Dahlem Research School and Princeton), ‘The canon of the author.

By examining the way that the past is brought into the present in the series, this essay seeks to facilitate a more richly nuanced understanding of these works that is cognizant of the historical issues involved.

After Smith, Ian Mc Lean has developed the most detailed account of the history of Australian art according to this methodology.

This essay examines the work of the modern Australian artist Fred Williams in relation to both Smith and Mc Lean’s understanding of the history of Australian art but to expand on their work I argue that, rather than Freud alone, it is Lacan’s refiguring of Freud that offers us the most insight into Williams’s work.

This paper examines how they have attempted to reconcile art-oriented practice, in particular, with existing modes of categorisation through temporary exhibitions.

It argues that these ventures also reconstituted the ceramic field, which, like the field of art, became increasingly dependent on context as a means of delineation.


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