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“Arguments Against” then addresses the issue of whether a fetus can feel pain (it does). “[Using a sonogram, we] can discern eyes ears, fingers, a nose, and a mouth.Our visual senses tell us this is a baby growing and maturing.

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This is not a piece of protoplasm; this is a baby inside the womb” (Anderson).

He effectively tugs at our heartstrings with this imagery.

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The issue they are arguing is, of course, abortion.

"Arguments Against" uses biblical, medical, legal, and philosophical arguments to convince us that abortion is immoral and unethical.

His first subclaim is that the Bible supports a pro-life ideology, an argument from authority. The entire basis for the Bible as a source of authority is the tautology “The Bible is true because God says so; he says so in the Bible.” This does not hold up rhetorically, and completely disregards biblical criticism, an entire branch of scholarship predicated on the fact that the Bible is the work of humans (and hence not divine or particularly useful as a moral guide).

Finding structured, well-thought-out arguments regarding abortion proves rather difficult.

Anti-abortion papers in particular often consist of the refrain “Abortion is murder! (One cannot help but see irony in pro-lifers complaints that pro-choicers caricature and polemicize them, when the quality of many of their essays suggests they are caricatures and polemicists.) A disturbing percentage of these anti-abortion essays have been written by Christian-private-school-educated girls, who are only capable of parroting whatever anti-abortion propaganda was fed to them.

This unique approach widens its potential audience to include all but the most diehard polemics from either side.

This contrasts with Anderson’s approach, who, in the arrogance so often held by writers with strict religious constraints, assumes the opposing side is actually interested in hearing his arguments.


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