Argumentative Essay About Junk Food

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Furthermore, some schools have already taken this step.If junk foods are banned, kids will still eat junk food while in school.

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Furthermore, banning junk food could increase the sense of boredom among students.

This could potentially result in decreased academic performance.

According to Consumer Health Digest, there are several types of food that are bad for brain health.

The additives and preservatives in junk food can have impairing effects on cognition.

Another drawback to banning junk foods in schools is that it could be more difficult to prepare meals for students.

By contrast, many junk foods can be prepared quickly.

Furthermore, healthier food tends to be more expensive.

The increased expense could result in an increase in school taxes.

According to the CDC, more than one third of the population is considered obese.

The rate of obesity is similar among children to the rate of obesity in the general population. According to USAToday, around two thirds of the population is overweight.


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