Argument Essay On Death Penalty

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In order to prove that capital punishment is not appropriate for a well-organized and developed society, it should be stated that many people subjected to death penalty are not usualy physically or mentally fit to get the punishment.

For example, mentally retarded people constitute less than 3 percent of the whole American population while mentaly disabled prisoners sentenced to death make up approximately 13 percent among all those who are sent to the scaffold.

This type of essay revolves around the presentation of a particular stance on an issue, which you need to defend with logic, facts, and sound reasoning.

You’ll need to do some research to gather relevant facts that support your point of view, then tie them together in a cohesive paper that presents a lucid argument based on the evidence.

These are the main reasons for the prohibition of death penalty.

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Therefore, the government of the United States should pay close attention to this issue.If you are looking for a top quality paper written on some controversial issue, you are welcome to buy an essay at Quality Custom Read the paper to make sure that our expert writers produce only first class academic papers that correspond to all the established standards.We will definitely satisfy your needs since we have the best team of writers with advanced writing skills and expertise in different fields of knowledge!Although there are many countries that have prohibited it a long time ago, some states, including the USA, administer capital punishment legaly even nowadays.The paper presents the brief history of the issue under the question, gives the main arguments against the death penalty, and draws to a logical conclusion.Nevertheless, based on the present-day justice system, the state is able to set an action, as a punishment, to deal with someone who committed an awful crime. It is immoral to justify the action that is totally wrong and disgusting in its nature.Therefore, the death penalty should be abolished since it is impermissible.Without doubt, there is no more debatable issue in the filed of justice than that of capital punishment.In present days, almost every person has a great number of doubts about the necessity of utilizing death penalty as a punishment for committing a terrible crime.When a person looks at the problem of death penalty from the perspective of morality, he or she believes that this punishment should definitely be abolished. What can a punishment that takes a human life teach others? The utilization of such cruel method only proves that the idea of ‘an eye for an eye’ exists in the modern world.However, mankind must show that all forms of primitive thinking are left in the past.


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