Architectural Thesis On Heritage Conservation

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The assessment at Ph D level takes the form of an approximately 80,000 word thesis.

The assessment at Ph D level takes the form of an approximately 80,000 word thesis.

After your Viva Voce examination, additional fees will be payable if a second Viva Voce examination is required.

For further information and for details about funding your study, scholarships and bursaries, please see our Postgraduate Fees & Funding pages Master’s degree in conservation or related subject.

The scope has widened from art conservation, involving protection and care of artwork and architecture, to conservation of cultural heritage, also including protection and care of a broad set of other cultural and historical works.

Conservation of cultural heritage can be described as a type of ethical stewardship.

Due to the nature of postgraduate research programmes, the vast majority of your time will be spent in independent study and research.

You will have meetings with your academic supervisor, however the regularity of these will vary depending on your own individual requirements, subject area, staff availability and the stage of your programme.If you do not meet the above IELTS requirements, you may be able to take part in one of our Pre-session English and Academic Study Skills courses. These specialist courses are designed to help students meet the English language requirements for their intended programme of study.Conservation of cultural heritage involves protection and restoration using "any methods that prove effective in keeping that property in as close to its original condition as possible for as long as possible." Conservation of cultural heritage is often associated with art collections and museums and involves collection care and management through tracking, examination, documentation, exhibition, storage, preventative conservation, and restoration.A first or upper second class honours degree with significant experience may be considered.You will need to submit a research proposal along with your application form.You are expected to work on one topic of your choice for the duration of the study period.On a regular basis, you are expected to produce appropriate written work, submit it to your supervisors, then meet with your supervisors to receive feedback on your submission and agree the next stage of work.Direction will be available from a supervisory team and you will have the opportunity to benefit from the School’s research expertise in a broad range of conservation and cultural heritage areas.Strong links exist with the Colleges of Science and Arts, and an interdisciplinary research culture can facilitate collaboration with colleagues across a wide range of topics.Some consider the tradition of conservation of cultural heritage in Europe to have begun in 1565 with the restoration of the Sistine Chapel frescoes, but more ancient examples include the work of Cassiodorus.Until the early 20th century, artists were normally the ones called upon to repair damaged artworks.


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