Aqa A2 P.E Coursework

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More than one weakness in performance may be identified, but students must ‘analyse weaknesses consistently to meet bands in assessment criteria’. The written aspect of the NEA uses the same five descriptive bands as the practical assessment.

For AS, the idea is for the student to identify one (or more) weakness(es) from Area of assessment 1, which for most activities are either attacking skills or event 1.

The big question then becomes is it worth doing the AS coursework, because it has no weighting or worth for the A-level course!

Doesn’t permitting exam leave for AS students detract from teaching time for the A-level?

This means that in year 12, students taking the AS course can be in the same teaching group as those taking the A-level, so avoiding the logistical nightmare of having separate AS and A-levels classes in year 12.

My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant Essay - Aqa A2 P.E Coursework

Both the AS and A-level courses are 70% theory and 30% coursework, another Ofqual requirement, and so the same across all exam boards.Knowing the result of submissions in other subjects, I think it is highly likely that the latter is the case.However, in all probability, I expect that changes will be largely superficial, as most of the content has been dictated by Ofqual, and there appears to be limited variation between the different exam boards.If centres do that, then we are back to the original situation that led to the existence of AS levels. The NEA requires both the AS and A-level students to perform or coach in ONE of those limited number of activities.Students could be leaving at the end of year 12 without any credit in the subject they studied. The idea is that the students demonstrate or coach the core skills / techniques of the activity in a fully competitive situation.In the current PHED 1 and 3, the exams are 2/3 recall of knowledge and 1/3 application of that knowledge to practical/coaching scenarios.The new specifications have an additional assessment objective and a different weighting for both AS and A-level, meaning that the new specification’s exams have less factual recall, more application and much more analysis and evaluation.The coursework is now to be called the NEA (Non-Examined Assessment). ), now involves students performing or coaching (no more officiating) one practical activity (15%) and written analysis (15%), which is essentially a watered-down version of the current sections B and C.If there is no officiating, will this permit additional classroom teaching for the new theoretical content?Even more difficult, will you be able to decide in year 12 which of your students will not be able to cope with year 13 and would be best served by finishing the course at the end of year 12? When are you going to deliver / assess the coursework, especially the written coursework? The exam at AS is still a 2 hour, 84 marks event, but the style of questions are different with a combination of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions and questions will include the use of data.Would centres be best served by entering a single candidate for the AS exam and then use that exam paper as the template for a ‘mock’ exam at the end of the summer term and then use those results to guide the students into or away from year 13 study? The new content in AS involves: • Constructivism – social development theory (Vygotsky) • Emergence of (female) performers in football, tennis and athletics • Sociology definitions • Centre of mass; stability • Technology – match analysis • Quantitative skills Some A2 topics are now included in AS: • Golden triangle and commercialisation • PNF, glycogen loading, periodisation • Newton’s Laws • Individual psychology constructs • Social facilitation; groups; goal-setting • Role of technology AQA have produced a specimen paper that shows the style of question we might expect in future exams.


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