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You must answer all four; you do not have the option, as in some other AP exams, to choose the questions that you would like to answer.AP readers, hired by the College Board, score the free-response section by hand. The four types of FRQs are: Every exam will feature these four question types, in this order.

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(More details about scoring, question types, and free-response strategies can be found in Chapter 13.) Each free-response question (FRQ) will be distinct and will address different topics of AP U. Across the four FRQs on every exam, you will encounter a range of U. Government and Politics topics from all five units.

Most prompts will ask you to integrate multiple ideas, and each will contain three or four tasks (labeled A, B, C, D).

Read the full texts of primary-source historical documents.

Government Documents will give you the background knowledge that you will need to succeed on exam day.

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You must respond to all four FRQs to earn a high score, but the order in which you answer the prompts doesn’t matter.

Therefore, begin with the prompt(s) that you feel you can write about most confidently, using the strongest supporting information.


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