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In the first story “A Rose for Emily” a clear episodic plot is brought out.

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This has in most cases turned against the doers when the recipients fail to recognize the efforts made by such people.

The two short stories, “A Rose for Emily” and Sammy’s Abrupt Behavior at the: “A&P” both explore different kinds of plots building on how the two stories have been developed.

Introduction It is a very difficult situation to please everyone.

Many at times people act in different ways believing that it is for the good of the person to whom they are doing it for.

In a rose for Emily, one theme that could be deducted was that of racial discrimination.

Emily being from a rich and wealthy family was seen not to be associated with things that were of the poor or those that were lower in their class.

It was however very important for us to understand that even though the two different authors used different plot structures in their writings, the main objective of plot development in the stories which was to bring a clear understanding to the reader on the sequential unfolding of events had been achieved.

The author introduced the story with Sammy trying to play the good man part.

It was however clear that destiny has its own ways and the story came to a conclusion with the death of Emily’s father, who must have been the bread winner, leaving her life in the balance, nobody sure of what would have happened to her next. In the second story however, no very clear theme was seen though, lust and desperation are portrayed as possible themes which the author expanded on well.

Sammy known very well that he totally depended on the job he did, and would not have given less attention to what would have happened to him while trying to please the girls his boss had issues with.


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